Resogun Review (Ps4)

What is the best way to describe this game? Fast paced joy ride? A masterpiece in game play? One of the best Shootem Ups ever created? All of these are true and yet non of them do this game justice. If you have never played a game within the genre, you should start with this one. The ship customization puts this game in a league of its own. Resogun mixes the right amount of frustration with the perfect amount of insanity. Split second timing and a balance between agility and fire power. That is what separates the winners from the losers in Resogun.

The controls with Resogun are on a higher level. Providing you that pin point timing to evade incoming attacks and in a split second rushing to rescue a survivor. Even when the game is in Veteran difficulty and the sprites are surrounding you, there are no loss of frames or delay in control responsiveness. The boss fights are a challenge, but not a chore. Each with their own unique move sets and weaknesses. The difficulty ram up is smooth providing easy transition from Rookie all the way to Veteran. Resogun is short and sweet with hours and hours of replayability.

With the customization of the weapon systems and abilities, it is as if the developers tested each and ever scenario to find a complete balance to ensure no build would be superior. Each time I would go in to try and improve what I had already made, I would only end up fixing one problem to run right into another down the line. Make a ship to handle a crowd and you become prone to straight onslaught. Have a ship with too much boost and your overpower suffers for the end boss. This game accounts for everything and then some.

If you have not played this game by now, what are you waiting for. You will not be disappointed in your purchase.

Rating: 96                                                                                  Plat. Difficulty: 4/10