Assassins Creed: Unity (Ps4) Review

Notice. (I did not start playing this game on launch, so please keep that in mind.)

This was my first AC game since I swore off the IP (Intellectual Property) back when I first played the series in AC 1 for the Xbox 360. The ambition that Ubisoft has, I feel lead to their biggest down falls. The controls continue to be frustrating and lack luster. An example of this would be me trying to climb the side of a building and then next my character just stops. You can clearly see the ledge in front of you and yet the character goes side to side failing to advance what so ever. As everyone well knows, there were serious graphical issues due to Ubisoft’s want for 100 IA characters on screen at any given time. The fault in this is that even during cut scenes I have seen character animations start to glitch and split. Sending characters from one animation one second to another the next second and back to the original in the third second (exp. of this would be the murder mystery side quest return NPC).

The main story was a little too short, and I felt like I only got a small taste of a much larger story between Arno and Elise. I do appreciate how the story ended and how the DLC concluded the Arno character, just wish we could have gotten a little more history with cut scenes to help feel like a complete story.

The side missions (aka. Helix, Murder Mysteries, and Nostradamus missions) felt more like time sinks then truly necessary for the game/ story. Social clubs felt under utilized and just wish more could have been done to make them feel like they were essential to the game/ story.

I really like that Ubisoft has moved away from competitive multiplayer to a co op multiplayer environment. Just wish that their networks would always be working so I didn’t have to do the majority of them solo. The combat was very fluid and seamless. I would go into fights with 7 to 10 guards/ soldiers and easily take them on. Even with the glitches and control issues, the game was still enjoyable. This was certainly not a 60 dollar title, but Ubisoft did make amends with users by providing them with a free Ubisoft title as compensation for those who bought the season passes. They also made the DLC “Dead Kings” for Unity free for everyone who wants it. If you can get this game on the cheap, it is worth your while to.

Rating: 81                               Plat. Difficulty Rating: 3.5/ 10


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